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When I was starting out and for many years after, I had no real idea where I needed to look to find information on my ancestors. I didn’t even know what information there was to look for or what questions to ask and to whom! I was far from a seasoned Genealogist, I had names, dates and some stories, but I wanted to build on that and find the missing pieces.

After many years, lots of hair-pulling and one very steep learning curve I started to make discoveries. Imagine my elation when I found newspaper articles providing more details from the stories my grandmother told me when I was a child? What a thrill it was when I found someone who had already researched a branch of a tree when for me it had been a brick wall. Just knowing where and how to find them was enough to put me on cloud nine!

Perhaps you are in a similar situation; you may have some names and dates and want to know where to start. You may want to help your older family members get answers to some life-long questions. You may want to find out more about who you are and where you came from. You may be frustrated and have limited time and funds but want to get started.

I understand what it means to you and this is why Write Genealogy exists and there are many ways you can benefit. Here are just some.

Genealogy Courses

Beginners: We take you through the fundamentals so you can build a great foundation for the rest of your life. You’ll know how to find what you are looking for, where to go and how to keep records. This step by step easy to follow plan will get you hooked and start seeing results right away.

Intermediate: In this course we build on what you’ve learnt so you can start getting more detailed information and more knowledge.

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Been working on your tree but can’t find some vital information? You don’t have the time to spend looking and you don’t want the expense of a subscription to one of the many of the repositories yet. The trouble is you may not even be sure which one to subscribe to. We offer a basic search service so you can get some quick answers.

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When it comes to genealogy and writing, there are many resources and tools to help you along the way. Some are free; some are low cost. To help you I have included those I have used and those I wished I had of known about earlier.

Keep checking this page as I will continue to update it with more resources and tools.


Here is one of the best tools I have found and is worth its weight in Gold. It will scan your writing for any signs of ‘plagiarism’. It will search for a group of words that may be exactly like someone else’s. It gives you the opportunity to change any groups of words around. In fact, it has a vocabulary enhancement element that will make your writing great! It also works as a spell and grammar check on steroids! Once you download it, it checks EVERYTHING YOU WRITE, not just in a document. It’s extremely credible because the world’s top linguists have built it. It has a free component to it, but for what I wanted, I chose a small monthly fee to get more options. Click here to learn more.

When it comes to writing, there was so much I didn’t know when I started. I found a great online education program that has many excellent writing courses on it. The site has courses for everything, but my purpose was to find the writing courses that would suit me. What I liked about these courses is they are online and extremely inexpensive. It works by volume of students which keeps the prices low, and you can do it at your pace. I gained so much from the courses I have done.

Feel free to email me for the ones I have done.


There are many genealogy programs you can use to store your family tree information, and the one I use is mainly because it was the first one I used many years ago.

If you haven’t yet used FindMyPast, I can highly recommend it. It has some awesome resources that can help you find so many different records. They also offer discounts, specials, and free offers at different times so be sure to sign up to get them.

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