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My journey with family history and story-telling started long ago in the home of my grandparents. The bond I had with my grandmother strengthened as she told me stories of our family as children and through the years.

She took me on a journey of emotions some funny some sad. She told me about her parents and uncles, about her life, her children and me. It was like I was there with them growing up in a different time, and I loved it.

As I grew older, the stories my grandmother shared became more meaningful to me because I realised this wasn’t about fictitious characters, they were my blood. I wanted to know more about who these relatives she spoke about were. I wanted to know where and how they lived and why did they do what they did. So one day I asked my grandmother if she would give me as many details about family members as she could. She surprised me with what she knew.

I typed the information out on my trusty typewriter and put them away for safe keeping. It was to be another two to three decades before I had the time and desire to dig deeper and find out more. When I did, the genealogy bug had indeed taken hold.

Those people I had heard about so long ago started to become more real to me when I visited the places they lived. Suddenly there was a connection. What was it like when they lived here? I wondered.

I was on a mission, to tell their stories. I just didn’t want a list of names, dates and official facts on them. I wanted to know about the times they lived in and record their personal stories. I knew what I had to do. I had to write about them, tell their story and have a treasured keepsake for generations to come. I wanted to reveal their personalities, their struggles, and their good times.

As I wrote my books, I often wished I could follow someone else’s story, track their progress and learn some tricks and shortcuts along the way. I didn’t, so I had to learn the hard way, and it took much longer than anticipated. I realised my passion extended beyond myself, I wanted to help others, and so I started Write Genealogy. This site is for you so you can enjoy your journey with as many tips and resources I can find.

I want Write Genealogy to be a meeting place for us, so we can all share our experiences, the triumphs and brick walls we all face. Come with me as we enjoy the fascinating world of family history writing.

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